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Welcome to Wonka World, one of the first fansites for Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka. Here you will find original graphics, a fan forum, and more.



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6/1/08 Hope June is a good month for everyone. Started it off by touching up a few things with the new layout.

5/27/08 New layout. Needs some tweaking, which I will get to soon. Enjoy.
Screencap of the old one will be added when I get the chance.

4/8/08 First, my apologies for the inactivity lately. I've been busy and switching over computers. BUT, I am making it up to you with a lovely treat - some Sweeney Todd screencaps! I know it's not Wonka, but it's Depp and these caps are all original. It's not the whole film, but it IS of some of the best scenes. Hope you enjoy them!

Wonka World has also won two awards! View them under the "site" section.

2/2/08 • Removed a closed affiliate.
• A new page of Sweeney Todd avatars! Look under "graphics."
• New poll up.
• Added some pending affiliates.

1/26/08 • It's the first update of the new year and I decided to take the layout up a notch! As you can see, we have some much nicer navigation now. :) Enjoy!

11/30/07 • Joined a new fanlisting.

10/28/07 • Three new Depp avatars by Chocolatier.
• Three new static Wonka avatars.

10/2/07 • New layout!!!
• New Depp avatar.

9/14/07 New blend challenge entry from Oompa Loompa. New page, Art! Look for it under "fun."

9/10/07 We're honored to announce our new affiliate, Johnny-Depp.org.

9/7/07 Added a new person to our site team, Oompa Loompa! The entire "about" page has been revamped. Two new Depp avs by Oompa Loompa.

9/4/07 Three new static CatCF avatars (one of Violet, one of Augustus, one of Oompa Loompas). Also added a new page of pureley Johnny Depp avatars! Look for it under "graphics."



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